Process Theory for Roboticists

An excerpt from Andrew Murphie's Adventures in Jutland. (It's how cultural theory looks at robotics, as a natural media platform in human communication.) (Alfred North for those not living in the 1930s) Whitehead presents a little remarked upon but comprehensive ‘media theory’ that resituates media in the world, not “bifurcated” from a large slice of … Continue reading Process Theory for Roboticists

GRB2011 – Global Robotics Brain 2011

GRB2011 - Global Robotics Brain 2011. This is a great idea by Wolfgang Heller who has mindmapped the current state of robotics with a database with more than 36,000 robotics companies, robotics labs, robotics projects, robotics researchers, and robotics publications, all categorized, tagged, and linked. It seems fitting that the study of robotics should utilize … Continue reading GRB2011 – Global Robotics Brain 2011