BotSpot – A Venture into Robotic Artists

There’ve been some great robot projects on Kickstarter recently and BotSpot pushes the envelope further. I can see a heap of potential as both a new business and art form. Although, that’s like saying spray cans enabled a new art form. Many disagree. Like any new technology, some people will do wonderful things with it, others will advertize and the rest of us will make a mess.

BotSpot was grown out of Techshop in Menlo Park,  by artists/roboticists Carter and Wayne. They have built a programmable mobile platform with retractable pen sleeve. They are turning to kickstarter for funds to finish the image mashup/generation software and add aerosol handler hardware.

The role that kickstarter is playing in growing new robot businesses is fascinating in it’s own right. Some other recent success stories include Ninja Blocks – creating web interface for arduino to make the internet of things easy, Romo – the android mobile robot from Romotiv and 3d Printrbot… not truly robotic but part of the brave new world of making things and things making.

BotSpot – A Venture into Robotic Artists by G. Carter Stokum — Kickstarter.

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