Robots Racing Camels

Camel jockeys were replaced by mechanical robots since 2005 due to international pressure because camel owners were found to be involved in human trafficking, buying children from countries like Pakistan and India for their smaller frame and lighter weight to ride on the camels. Since the ban on human jockeys, owners have continued to race their camels, controlling the whip with their remotes as they follow the race trackside in their jeeps. – Yahoo! News

Photos by Mink (above) and Lars Plougman (below)

The shuffling of man and machine continues. Driving alongside the track are camera trucks – flat beds with a person holding a camera – as well as cars operating the remote robot controls. I don’t think automating the jockeys would be as hard as automating the closeup camera work. Whenever something is automated, someone gets moved into the maintenance position though.

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