Maker Faire Weekend!

See me and my new robots, Ambassador Gilles and Felix the Bot at Maker Faire San Francisco – San Mateo Fairgrounds May 19-22 2011

Welcome to the Robot State! Do you require passport, visa, permit or vaccinations? I am authorized by robot kind to assist humans with the paperwork. It should be fun and may help my thesis on Human-Robot Interaction.

I will be accompanying a robot ambassador to assist humans who wish to apply for passports, visas, etc for the Robot State. I will provide the paperwork, rubber stamps and a conceptual robot or working model. The design of the robot is secondary to the discussion about what is a robot and how we relate to them. In other words, I haven’t built this robot yet and I’m still writing the thesis about Human-Robot Interaction.

Andra Keay : Mother, Maker, Student, Punk – the personal is still political. I inhabit the interstices of gender, culture and technology, building odd things and finishing a thesis on robot names and human-robot interaction.

via Events filled with DIY projects, science, demos, recycling, entertainment, and fun.

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