GRB2011 – Global Robotics Brain 2011

GRB2011 – Global Robotics Brain 2011.

This is a great idea by Wolfgang Heller who has mindmapped the current state of robotics with a database with more than 36,000 robotics companies, robotics labs, robotics projects, robotics researchers, and robotics publications, all categorized, tagged, and linked.

It seems fitting that the study of robotics should utilize our cyborg selves and our extended intelligence as much as possible. I suggested something along these lines two years ago when I started my studies and did actually trial a Ushahidi then CrowdMap based collection. It became obvious fairly quickly that unless you were able to mobilize the crowd, as Ushahidi, CrowdMap and also WikiCFP (Wiki Call For Papers is another example that I really like), then you were going to be working full time on the project.

Keeping up to date in this area and aware of all the interesting new (and old) developments across so many disciplines is a challenge that is recognised as impoverishing the sphere. In the last two years alone I have noticed what seems to be an exponential number of resources, sites and publications about robotics, on top of robotics being one of the fastest growing global industries. It’s not hobby shop anymore.

Thanks to IEEE Spectrum and robots podcast for the rest of the article.

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