Robot Cultures Symposium

toy robots in petrie dish

Robot Cultures is an interdisciplinary research initiative founded by the Digital Cultures Program and the Centre for Social Robotics at the University of Sydney.

The aim of this research initiative is to bring together academics from the sciences, arts and humanities, including scientists, engineers, theorists and artists to investigate the social, technological, aesthetic, institutional, economic and ethical dimensions of the social interaction of humans with robots.

The Cultures of Robotics Symposium is the first in a series of events organised to foster an interdisciplinary research community exploring the histories, philosophies and practices of robotics within contemporary culture. For this first event our invited keynote speaker is Professor Simon Penny (UC Irvine), renowned artist, theorist and professor in the field of robotic and interactive art.

Robot Cultures website is live. Hashtag for the Symposium is #robocult

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