Rodney Brooks Leaves MIT, Is Heartland Robotics About To Take Off? | Singularity Hub



Rodney Brooks Leaves MIT, Is Heartland Robotics About To Take Off? | Singularity Hub.

It’s old news but good news. Interestingly the new Mars colony plan is making ripples in some areas. I wonder if there are connections?


Brooks left MIT. Heartland may be ready to take off.

Rodney Brooks is one of the founders of iRobot, and an influential figure in the world of robotics. For the past 26 years he’s been a professor at MIT, but that changes starting July 1st. According to Xconomy, Brooks is formally retiring from MIT, at age 55, the earliest possible time at which he can become a professor emeritus. Seemingly in good health and good standing at the University, it is very likely that Brooks is leaving MIT to focus on his new venture: Heartland Robotics. The robotics startup aims to bring human-like robots to the workplace. With Brooks’ full attention now resting on it, Heartland Robotics is a company to watch.

Brooks, Colin Angle, and Helen Greiner started iRobot back in 1990. They since have built it into a robotics empire, selling more than 2.5 million of their Roomba vacuum cleaners and working on dozens of different projects in fields as diverse as sea-exploration and army intelligence. But Brooks is more than just a founder of a major robotics firm, he’s also a top innovator of the field. His behavioral approach to programming robots defined the archetype of household and office bots for years. His future ideas could be likewise definitive.


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