Epic: PR2 And Rosie Make Pancakes

Writing by Evan Ackerman on Friday, 22 of October , 2010 at 1:43 am

TUM’s PR2 (named James) and another resident robot named Rosie have teamed up to make some pancakes. This is pretty awesome. But all the stuff that’s going on before the actual pancake making even starts is just as awesome. To begin with, James as no idea how to make pancakes. So, he does what we would do, and looks up the recipe on the internet. From instructions he finds there, he’s able to generate his own pancake-making program, which includes using image recognition to determine what the right bottle of pancake batter looks like when he goes searching for it in the fridge. Both robots are also able to dynamically adapt to errors and obstacles and show up in their environment, common in a real kitchen.

As we’ve seen before, pancake flipping isn’t easy, but Rosie manages it with finesse. And I have to admit: when Rosie flipped that pancake, I clapped in real life. And I may have giggled.

So, how long until I’ve got a couple robots in my kitchen serving me pancakes whenever I want? Considering that this particular pancake likely involved about a million dollars worth of robotic hardware, it might be a while… But the autonomy and adaptability demonstrated here are laying the foundation for a James/Rosie lovechild in every home and pancakes for one and all.

VIA [ Willow Garage ]

via BotJunkie.

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