Rachel Maines | Technology Historian | Big Think

Rachel Maines

Technology Historian
Interview with Rachel Maines June 6, 2010
from BigThink: Rachel Maines is a visiting scientist in the Cornell University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her principal research interests lie in the history of technology, especially issues relating to technology and the body, such as sexuality, medicine, technological risk, and injury epidemiology. She is the author of three books: “The Technology of Orgasm: ‘Hysteria,’ Vibrators, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction” (1999), “Asbestos and Fire: Technological Tradeoffs and the Body at Risk” (2005), and her most recent, “Hedonizing Technologies: Pathways to Pleasure in Hobbies and Leisure,” published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 2009. Rachel Maines | Technology Historian | Big Think.
This is fascinating not just for the steam/coal powered vibrator and the rise of the sexbots, but for the discussion of the codes of our built environment and how that relates to democracy and death.

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