Quartet Project :: start


( My arts colleagues have recommended chasing this project up, also referring to the work by Margie Medlin 2008 in Australia of the same name and domain.)

Quartet?s central figure, a virtual dancer, is an avatar of sensual information, playing between its manifestation and its puppeteers. On stage the interactions between the performers slip through different pairings, trios, and quartets, such as the musician using the speed or acceleration of her violin playing to duet with the real dancer; or a trio between the real and virtual dancers and the robot camera, exploring the choreography of cinematic space: the poetics of looking and moving. This interplay uncovers the tensions within the transfer of data.

The performance experiments with our perception and its articulation. It demonstrates communication within and between bodies in real-time by creating relationships between music, the gesture of musical performance, dance, robotics and animation.

via Quartet Project :: start.

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