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Through Quartet, Margie Medlin took an artistic approach in creating complex new tools that can be used by humans/artists living in an augmented reality. The resulting 60-minute performance presented to the audience in real time was a highly aesthetical rendering of Margie Medlin’s interpretation of our world as an augmented space.

The title Quartet points towards the use of technology in various combinations, as does the line up of the different sections on the program. The four instruments: the dancer, the robot, the musician and the virtual dancer played in different combinations together. The duet between the dancer and the robot is visually easily perceivable and rewarding for the audience. An interesting connection between spatial analogies is evident when the camera eye of the robot is projected onto the screen, seemingly having a conscious will to recognize the dancer. On the other hand, the wish of the dancer to understand its own existence is perceptible through its play with the machine.

After the initial stages of setting up the computer & audio systems involved in this ground breaking project, these systems interacted with live performance by Carlee Mellow. The intention was to show what systems were brought into play in the Quartet project and what can be achieved by the use of such systems.

via DanceNSW – Critical Path Update.

(rest of article interesting but link to appears broken)

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