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robotic research, cb2, asimo, einstein robot

Notes from Research Labs Around the World:

CB2 learns to walk and is developing social skills
Adam makes autonomous discovery
Swedes to build house on the moon
Asimo learns from human brain
Einstein being groomed to teach in San Diego high school
And Saya starts teaching students at a primary school in Tokyo
ApriAttenda one of many home nurses to be ready in next five years
Energid standardizing grasping motions for worldwide ease of use
… And many, many more

Our Mission

To develop a comprehensive worldwide database of public and private companies that are participants in the robotics industry. The database will be split into two segments: publicly traded stocks and privately-owned companies, and further sliced into the five robotic groupings shown above. Also, to gather and report industry news, track the business of robotics and develop proprietary (ROBO-STOXTM) methods to compare and report industry stock performance to the NASDAQ Composite Index.

© 2010 The Robot Report.

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